Matco Foods strives to be the most technologically advanced rice processing firm in Pakistan and continuously seeks excellence in order to reach its goals and milestones. As a result, there is persistent enhancement in the art of procuring, storing, processing and packing rice within the firm.                                                       

150,000 MT

The production capacity stands at 150,000 MT of raw rice per annum.

40 MT/hour

The total processing capacity is of 40 MT/hr in Karachi

$30 million

Company investments in plant and property exceeds US$ 30 million

1 millionft2 


Spread over 140,900 square kilometers and with a population of over 50 million, Sindh is the second largest province of Pakistan in terms of population. The province is bordered by land on three sides, with the Arabian Sea in the south west. The mighty Indus River flows from the world’s highest mountains into the Arabian Sea. The colossal flow of Indus water has brought for Sindh rich silt and sandy loam from northern areas which enhance the fertility of the soil. The climate of Sindh is arid and hot. According to the climatic and soil condition of the province, different areas are suitable for different crops e.g. Larkana, Shikarpur and Jacobabad are suitable for growing rice as main crop and peas, mustard and sunflower as minor crops.



Matco Foods installed another state-of-the-art rice husking/parboiling plant on 15 Acres of land in Gujranwala, the world-renowned rice cultivating district of the country, popularly known as the “Basmati Bowl” of Pakistan. This expansion in the economically backward region aims to further enhance Matco Food’s role as a responsible rice exporter of Pakistan. As the leading Basmati rice exporter from Pakistan, we understand that the most sought after world class basmati rice cannot be produced without world class rice processing plants. With the collaboration of the latest Japanese, American, British &Indian technologies, this facility includes modern paddy dryers, rice parboiling units, and silos that monitor humidity, temperature and moisture of rice paddy. Matco envisions making this facility the single largest rice husking and parboiling plant in Pakistan. The hallmark of this plant is world class efficiency which focuses on preventing10%-15% grain loss due to post-harvest losses.

Procurement Team at Sadhoke

Matco Food’s dedicated paddy procurement team meets with rice growers and encourages them to sell their produce directly to the new plant. These efforts try and cut out the role of the notorious and unscrupulous middlemen or “aartis”, a common problem in Pakistan’s agriculture value-chain, ensuring that farmers get a fair price for their produce.

500 MT

Processing capacity of the plant is 500 MT of paddy per day

25 MT/hour

Paddy drying capacity is of 25 MT/hour

10 MT/hour

Milling capacity is 10 MT/hour

100 MT/day

Parboiling plant capacity is 100 MT/day