Starting out as a small family-owned business Matco Foods owes its success to the people who have taken the company from strength to strength. With three generations of the family working within the family business as well as hundreds of dedicated employees, some of whom have been with the firm for over a decade, the company prides itself in creating a culture where excellence can thrive. With many decades of experience in the rice industry between them, our Board of Directors are trailblazers in modernizing the industry. From introducing never-done before rice processing methods to the country, to achieving many first milestones for the whole industry, Matco Food’s leadership is in the prime driving seat to propel the industry and the Company itself forward.

The Board of Directors: Jawed Ghori, Tariq Ghori, Khalid Ghori, Faizan Ghori

Our Workforce 

We are committed to nurturing an engaged, diversified and responsible work force and to creating an environment where they can achieve their fullest professional potential. We take a global approach in creating a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and have international accreditations which include the ISO 18001 – the Occupation Health and Safety Management certification amongst many others. Matco Foods aims to continue its journey as a leading responsible agribusiness, producing quality products for its customers, empowering its workforce and giving back to the communities that have enabled it to thrive.