Rice Protein

Rice protein is a concentrated fraction of the entire rice grain, produced through a wet milling and an all - natural proprietary process. Its production process is a series of fermentation, filtration and enzyme processing to remove the protein and fibre from the rice grain.


Handling and Storage

Protein powder is kept in a dry area away from direct sunlight, with relative humidity 
maintained below 65% and temperature below 70oF/ 24oC.


We adhere to international packaging standards and offer flexibility and customization
 in our packaging solutions for our customers. Our packaging types include
 jumbo bags with inner polyethylene lining and paper bags.

Feed Grade Protein

Feed grade rice protein is a bi-product of rice starch and contains rice nutrition. It is produced through a biological fermentation process.

Protein Uses

Feed grade protein is widely used as livestock feed in the feed industry. This rice protein promotes animal growth, helps prevent diseases, stores protein in the body and improves energy.  Feed grade protein is also essential in stock breeding for cattle, poultry and aquatic livestock