Value Chain

Quality and sustainability are top priorities for Matco Foods as we purchase paddy directly from farmers, assuring their profitability and continuity as small scale farm owners. In pursuit of our philosophy of continuous improvement we have implemented “Supply Chain 360” – a rigorous system of quality assurance which has been key to our success.  

Our procurement teams are able to source the finest grains from rice districts every crop year by virtue of their experience and skill. They are further aided by our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. ERP is able to track and record the best rice producing regions in a crop year, by tracing every purchase of paddy to each supplier. This carefully collected crop history ensures that our procurement teams are armed with valuable knowledge prior to crop purchase.In 2012, we started a farmer outreach initiative called the “Kissan Dost Program” – or Farmer’s Friends program. The long term aim of this initiative is to improve the supply chain of rice by increasing farm productivity and lowering costs.The program provides 350 small-scale farmers with farm extension services which include supplying certified Basmati seeds free of cost, providing guidance on improving yield and quality, text message alerts on weather and plantation tips.Procurement teams visit farmers at each rice paddy growth stage to ensure traceability, monitor crop growth and offer advice to farmers. At the time of harvest, farmers are able to sell their paddy directly to Matco Foods forgoing a middleman.By working together with farmers, we are able to source quality grains, whilst the farmers benefit from better prices.Matco Foods Prides itself in sustainably procuring, processing and producing the finest quality of finished products for its customers whilst ensuring the livelihood of its network of small-farmers. The program has been a tremendous success in improving traceability and sustainability at the grass root level and is the first of its kind to receive a USDA Organic and EU Organic Certification. 
As a member of the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP), we adhere to international health, environment and safety guidelines. We promise seed purity, GMO free products, and reject prohibited pesticide use and other hazardous practices to all our clients.Our practice of “Supply Chain 360” has ultimately benefited customers through timely shipments of quality rice with zero rejections for aflatoxin.