What we do

We are one of the world’s leading rice exporters providing premium quality products.

Matco Foods is a leading agribusiness in South Asia, with over 50 years of experience in the rice industry and a global portfolio of more than 150 corporate customers. It is the only agro processing company in Pakistan in which the International Finance Corporation (IFC) (World Bank Group) has invested equity.


As the largest basmati rice exporter from Pakistan, our flagship brand “Falak Basmati Rice”  is available in more than 40 countries worldwide.  With private label brands being exported to over 60 countries worldwide.
We strive to be the most technologically advanced rice processing business in Pakistan and therefore continuously seek improvements throughout our product supply chain and processing methods. Today Matco Foods operates 5 rice processing and milling plants, which include vertically-integrated paddy drying, storage, husking, processing and packaging facilities in Sadhoke, Punjab and Karachi, Sindh. 

What we produce

The 50 years of experience Matco Foods has provided the company with abundant expertise, which is applied to our wide range of commodities which include rice, rice bran, rice and wheat flours and sugar. With over 50 years of experience within the rice industry, Matco Foods guarantees traceable, sustainable premium quality rice that adhere to international standards. Matco Foods also holds international organic accreditation from the Control Union for USDA Organic and EU Organic certification. By fall 2017, Matco Foods will commence production of organic rice glucose and organic rice protein products which will be tailored to individual customer specifications.



What we distribute

Matco Foods is also the sole distributor of Signature Snacks for Pakistan. Signature Snacks is a leading manufacturer based in Dubai, which produces premium quality biscuits, wafer, crackers and baked chips. The facility is built upon 200 000 square feet with top class manufacturing and packaging machines that guarantees quality, safety and modern methods of production.