Why Matco?

Matco Foods is Pakistan’s first agribusiness in which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of World Bank has invested equity. We are Pakistan’s largest basmati rice exporters and have been so for many years. With over 50 years of experience in the rice business and a growing portfolio of food products we are passionate about bringing excellent quality products to our clients worldwide. Our dynamic teams of marketing, sales and operations are continuously challenged with ever changing international business environments and work fiercely to innovate, improve and implement Matco Food’s philosophy of excellence. At Matco Foods, you will be constantly challenged and exposed to new and exciting situations as our products cover more than 60 countries worldwide.

Apart from hiring able and qualified people, Matco Foods believes they must also be provided appropriate skills to succeed and grow as individuals. Therefore Matco Foods believes in constant training and holding workshops for all of its employees. The rigorous trainings and workshops help the company to develop a climate and culture for innovation. As members of the Sustainable Rice Platform, we believe in fair pay for all our employees regardless of gender, race, sexuality and religious beliefs and promote equal pay for women on the farm fields of Pakistan.